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Grant County Government, Indiana
  Area Planning
Are you responsible for Tax Assessments? 01/22/2011 2,829
I have drainage Problems! 01/22/2011 2,728
Who do I contact on Septic Systems or Leach Fields? 01/22/2011 2,824
Do you need a Permit? 01/22/2011 3,623
Where do I get a driveway permit? 03/07/2017 878
Where is Grant County Area Plan located? 03/07/2017 868
Do we issue/sell business licenses? 03/07/2017 866
How long before I can get an inspection? 03/07/2017 859
What setbacks do I need for my home or building project? 08/24/2017 862
What number do I call if my property is in the city? 08/25/2017 783
Is ice shield protection required on roofs in Grant County? 09/14/2017 726
Is drip edge (flashing) required on roofs? 09/14/2017 709
Can I/how do I call in a permit over the phone? Can I register as a contractor in Grant County? 09/28/2017 1,087
What is a variance and how do you get approval? 01/08/2018 514
What is a special exception and how do you get approval? 01/08/2018 19,796
Yard Barns/Accessory Structures - What do I need to know? 01/31/2018 580
How many residences can I have on one parcel of land? 02/26/2018 4,690

Grant County Government, Indiana
Commercial Equipment Abatement 07/08/2011 2,452
Commercial Structure Abatement 07/08/2011 2,283
Deeds/Affidavits Information 07/08/2011 2,417
Property Tax Deductions 07/08/2011 2,743
Tax Sale Information 07/08/2011 2,520

Grant County Government, Indiana
Can I plea NOT guilty to a traffic violation? 02/11/2011 2,828
How do I apply for a marriage license? 02/11/2011 7,143

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Food Services
How do I file a complaint against a food outlet? 02/08/2011 1,237
How many food outlets are there in Grant County? 02/08/2011 1,058
How often do you inspect? Do the food outlets know when you are coming to inspect? 02/08/2011 1,061
What establishments are inspected by the Grant County Health Dept.? 02/08/2011 1,128
What should I do if I'm interested in buying or building a food outlet? 02/08/2011 862

Grant County Government, Indiana
What are the ways in which a property can be sold in tax sale? 07/03/2007 6,069
How can I find property tax information? 07/03/2007 3,553
When will tax statements be mailed? 07/03/2007 1,627
How are late payment penalty amounts calculated? 07/03/2007 2,133
How can I pay my taxes? 07/03/2007 2,436
Is the Property Tax information on the website current? 07/03/2007 1,613
How can I get information or file for tax exemptions? 07/03/2007 2,802
Why are calls to the treasurer's office answered by a machine? 07/03/2007 1,397
What do the abbreviations mean in tax information? 07/04/2007 1,325
What if I didn't get a tax statement that I was expecting? 07/03/2007 1,440
Can there be a special assessment or lien on a property? 07/03/2007 1,435
What should I do if I have overpaid my taxes? 07/03/2007 1,389
What should I do about a wrong address? 07/03/2007 1,442
What should I do if my property's Assessed Value is too high? 07/03/2007 1,502
How long are balance due amounts good for? 07/03/2007 1,323
How do I get a mobile home moving permit or title transfer? 07/03/2007 1,262
How can I renew or transfer a liquor permit? 07/03/2007 1,217

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Voter Registration/Elections
When can you vote absentee in the Clerk's office? 09/26/2012 862

Harrison County Government, Indiana
How much will the penalty be if my payment is late? 10/22/2013 643
Where can I go for help with my taxes? 10/22/2013 624
Can I make partial payments? 10/22/2013 585
I purchased a parcel that is part of a split, who do I contact for tax information? 10/22/2013 644
When does property become eligible for tax sale? 10/22/2013 602
Who do I contact regarding a sheriff's sale? 10/22/2013 585

Huntington County Government, Indiana
What is Trending? 06/25/2009 920

Indiana Judo
  Judan Judo
How many different belts are there in Judo? 12/02/2008 791

Madison County Government, Indiana
  County Treasurer
How long are balance due amounts good for? 04/24/2012 1,652
Why can't I find my property tax information? 04/24/2012 1,400
What if I didn't get a tax statement that I was expecting? 04/24/2012 1,417
Are payments and balances that show that show as property tax information on the website as current as the Treasurer's Office records? 04/24/2012 1,357
What should I do if the assessed value on my home is too high? 04/24/2012 1,141
When will tax statements be mailed out? 04/24/2012 1,980
Why can I not get a person to answer the phone in the Treasurer's Office? 04/24/2012 1,429
What should I do about a wrong address? 04/25/2012 1,177
Why am I being told that I have to pay a penalty for a late payment? 04/25/2012 1,376
What should I do if I overpaid my taxes? 04/25/2012 1,163
How can I file for tax exemptions? 04/25/2012 3,771
How can I pay my taxes? 04/25/2012 2,423
Can there be special assessment or lien of any kind on a particular property? 04/25/2012 1,145
What about moving a mobile home or transfering the title? 04/25/2012 1,043

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Where can I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate? 07/26/2012 1,019
How can I get a copy of my deed? 08/08/2012 983
How do I change the names on my deed? 08/08/2012 1,002
What information can you give me about an abandoned property? 08/08/2012 997
Where can I find if a property has any liens against it? 08/08/2012 951
What are your hours? 08/08/2012 946
Where are you located? 08/08/2012 922
How do I record a deed? 08/14/2012 926
Where can I obtain marriage or divorce information? 08/14/2012 975
Where can I get a map of the county? 08/14/2012 939
Where do I buy or renew a passport? 08/14/2012 921

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Pro Bono
I lost my job and have no income, can I qualify? 03/20/2012 1,117
My husband left me, he was the only one working and I have been a stay-at-home Mom, so I had to move in with my parents; can I qualify? 03/20/2012 1,047
Can I pick the attorney I want? 03/20/2012 1,066
How soon will I get my attorney? 03/20/2012 1,005
Why would the attorney refuse my case? 03/20/2012 1,034
I need emergency custody of my child and need legal advice? 03/20/2012 1,042
My son’s girlfriend wants to come to live with us; how can I get custody of her? 03/20/2012 1,073

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Public Defender Office
How do I get a public defender? 03/20/2012 1,068
How do I know who my public defender is? 03/20/2012 1,049
How do I contact my Public Defender? 03/20/2012 1,123
Can my spouse, parent, or best friend talk to my Public Defender for me? 03/20/2012 1,036
How can I get my conviction appealed? 03/20/2012 1,032
What do I do if I want to pursue an appeal of a plea agreement, file for a sentence modification or file a post conviction relief petition? 03/20/2012 1,055
IF YOU HAVE A CASE, Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your Attorney. 03/20/2012 1,069
IF YOU HAVE A CASE, Do not write letters to the police, prosecutor or judge about your case. 03/20/2012 417
IF YOU HAVE A CASE, Do not speak to or give statements to the police about your case. 03/20/2012 417
IF YOU HAVE A CASE, Do not contact the alleged victim or the state’s witnesses either directly or indirectly. 03/20/2012 434
If you make bond? 03/20/2012 461
If you are incarcerated and unable to make bond? 03/20/2012 421
Suggestions? Maximize your time with your Attorney during your visits 03/20/2012 425